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Free eBooks: 01/31/2012

In the first half of January, I picked up 32 free e-books from (for Kindle) and from Barnes & Noble (for Nook). The free e-books dropped off a bit this month as it's no longer the holiday season, and my total for all of January is less than my total for just the second half of December. Read on to see the 22 freebies I've snagged since January 15, with book descriptions from the sites and links to purchase them.

Please Note: While all of these books were free at the time of my purchase, that does not guarantee that they are still free or that they will remain free. Make sure you check the price listed before purchasing any books.

Barnes & Noble (nook) / (Kindle)

Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride
(#2 in the Emma Rae Creations series)
by Sandra D. Bricker |

Sherilyn Caine has left Chicago behind to marry Andrew Drummond IV, an Atlanta native with a family name that tops all the social registers. Landing the job as The Tanglewood's wedding planner is a piece of cake for someone with a Type A personality; she's the perfect fit for a wedding destination hotel known for its attention to even the tiniest details.

But when everything else is going along swimmingly, why are her own wedding plans drowning right before her eyes? One way or the other, Sherilyn is determined to make this wedding work-until the latest development threatens to call the whole thing off. Is it possible that Sherilyn is allergic to her fiance?

50 Ways to Hex Your Lover
(#1 in the Jazz Tremaine / Hex paranormal romance series)
by Linda Wisdom |

The sizzling love affair between Jasmine Tremaine (aka Jazz), a witch who can't stay out of trouble, and Nikolai Gregorivich (aka Nick), a drop-dead gorgeous vampire cop, has been off-again, on-again-for about 300 years. Mostly off, lately. But now Nick, on the trail of a serial killer, needs Jazz's help, and while Jazz and Nick try to figure out their own hearts and resist their ever-increasing attraction, they must steer clear of a maniacal killer with super-supernatural powers. They are surrounded by a hilarious cast of oddball paranormal characters, including Irma, the chain-smoking ghost who haunts Jazz's sports car, Dweezil, her ghoul of a boss, and Fluff and Puff, a pair of bunny slippers with sharp teeth and short tempers (watch your ankles)!

Murder in Store
(#1 in the Quint McCauley mystery series)
by DC Brod |

Preston Hauser, owner of a famous department store, asks his head of security, Quint McCauley, to investigate some threatening letters he has received. No sooner does Quint take on the job, than Preston is poisoned by one of his own vitamin pills. With Quint looking on. Suspicion falls on Hauser’s young wife, Diana, but Quint quickly learns she’s not the only one who might benefit from the millionaire’s death.

Hard Press'd
(#1 in the Preston Andrews mystery series)
by Linda Rae Blair |

Detective Preston "Press" Andrews comes from wealthy Virginia Society with a capital "S," admired by women and respected by men. His career as the senior detective with the Virginia Beach Police Department is a great success--much to his father's dismay. U.S. Senator Andrews would prefer his son go into Foreign Service or politics.

The latest murder of a young woman in Virginia Beach has shaken both of his worlds. Determined to find the killer and cooperate with the beautiful FBI agent assigned to the case, Press juggles the two sides of his life, but may find it is more than he can handle this time.

by Deborah Crombie |

For a limited time, download Nocturne, an original short story by bestselling author Deborah Crombie, that leads into her forthcoming novel, No Mark Upon Her.

In No Mark Upon Her, Olympic rowing hopeful and Metropolitan Police officer DCI Rebecca Meredith goes out to train on the river in Henley on a dark afternoon in late October. When, the following morning, her ex-husband realizes she hasn’t returned, a search is instituted and a K9 search and rescue team finds Meredith’s body in the river.

India's Summer
by therese |

India Butler, single and about to turn forty, travels to LA in an attempt to reinvent her life. In a world rarely illuminated by the flashbulbs of the paparazzi, she discovers the true meaning of “having it all.”

Band of Sisters: American Women at War in Iraq
by Kirsten Holmstedt |

In Iraq, the front lines are everywhere - and everywhere in Iraq, no matter what their job descriptions say, women in the U.S. military are fighting--more than 155,000 of them. A critical and commercial success in hardcover, Band of Sisters presents a dozen groundbreaking and often heart-wrenching stories of American women in combat in Iraq, such as the U.S.'s first female pilot to be shot down and survive, the military's first black female pilot in combat, a young turret gunner defending convoys, and a nurse struggling to save lives, including her own.

Quick & Easy Family Dinners
by Gooseberry Patch |

There's nothing like gathering around the table for a homecooked meal. Our favorite dinners are always those tried & true recipes that have been handed down, or ones shared by a good friend. Start with Homestyle Baked Spaghetti, Oven Beef & Noodles or Barbecued Honey Ham, and then add a tasty side dish like Confetti Coleslaw, Creamy Macaroni & Cheese or Mom's Potato Salad. And who can resist scrumptious desserts? Cherry Delight, Peach Crinkle, Crustless Apple Pie and Sunny Day Brownies are all yummy ways to end a family meal. Kindle

Hollywood Secrets
(#2 in the Hollywood Headlines mystery series)
by Gemma Halliday

Cameron Dakota is the L.A. Informer's staff photographer and paparazzi extraordinaire. Her latest subject is Trace Brody, top-shelf actor and half of America's favorite Hollywood couple. Trace is about to get married in a blow-out wedding, and Cam’s editor, Felix Dunn (from the High Heels Mysteries), has assigned her to get the first shots of the bride and groom. But when Cam takes pictures of what looks like Trace being threatened at gunpoint, she suddenly finds herself smack in the middle of a scandal more sensational than even she could invent. On the run, under fire, and in serious danger of falling in love with one leading man, Cam must get to the bottom of this story... before she becomes tomorrow's headline. (Previously published under the title The Perfect Shot.)

Hollywood Confessions
(#3 in the Hollywood Headlines mystery series)
by Gemma Halliday

Allie Quick has high aspirations - much higher than reporting on the latest celebrity gossip for the L.A. Informer, Hollywood's most notorious tabloid. But if she's going to join the ranks of the real reporters, she's going to need a headline worthy story under her belt. Which is just what she gets when the producer of the trashiest reality shows on TV winds up murdered, and Allie convinces her editor, Felix Dunn, that this story has her name written all over it. Between an aging dance-off judge, a family with sextuplets and triplets, and the star of a little person dating show, Allie has no shortage of reality stars to question. But when she finds herself falling for her prime suspect, Allie's relationship with her editor is suddenly on the rocks, and her life is in danger. This is one deadline Allie can't afford to miss!

Bomber Bombs
(#9 in the Bomber Hanson mystery series)
by David Champion

Bombastic trial lawyer Bomber and his amiable son Tod are comfortable in their respective roles as the never-lose-a-case attorney and a behind-the-scenes investigator who would rather be composing music. But when a popular college football team is accused of rape after a spring break party, their booster, Dixie, desperately wants to hire Bomber, who says football is barbaric and wants nothing to do with the team. Tod is pressed into service against his wishes when misfortune strikes the indomitable Bomber. Why is this exotic dancer crying rape? Why can't Tod get straight answers from the team of ten accused? Circumstances in the courtroom force Tod to gain trial experience in the shadow of his mighty father. But is it enough to win the case?

The Main Line is Murder
(#1 in the Ginger Barnes mystery series)
by Donna Huston Murray

Introducing amateur sleuth/housewife Ginger Barnes, who is known for her do-it-yourself skills. And it's a good thing, her husband is now the headmaster of Bryn Derwyn, a private school on Philadelphia's Main Line that has fallen to a sad state of existence. Then, a corpse is found, parents start pulling their children out of school, and Gin comes up against a ruthless enemy.

Never Buried
(#1 in the Leigh Koslow mystery series)
by Edie Claire

When advertising copywriter Leigh Koslow moved into her cousin Cara's refurbished Victorian house, she wasn't planning on discovering a corpse--certainly not one that had been embalmed ten years before. But as anyone in the small Pittsburgh borough of Avalon could tell her, her cousin's house has a history attached. A history dating back to two mysterious deaths in the summer of 1949. And now someone wants Leigh and Cara out of the house--someone who has something to hide. But that someone doesn't know Leigh's impetuous cousin, and when Cara digs her heels in, Leigh looks to her old college chum, local policewoman Maura Polanski, for help. But the answers the trio find only point to more questions. Were the scandalous deaths of fifty years ago really an accident and a suicide? Or were they murder?

Ginger Dead House
(#2 in the Ginger Lightly mystery series)
by Robert Burton Robinson

Ginger and her fellow Domino Girls pool their funds to buy an old Colonial-style home on the outskirts of town and convert it into a bed and breakfast. The house is rumored to be haunted — which enables them to get the place at a bargain. They name it “Ginger Bread House,” banking on Ginger’s notoriety as a famous cake baker to bring in the guests. But on the very first night, guests begin to see and hear strange things. Ginger manages to settle them down — until one of the guests is found dead. News quickly spreads, and gossipers rename the new bed & breakfast, “Ginger DEAD House.” Now every phone call is another cancellation. The Domino Girls see their life savings about to go down the drain. So Ginger proposes that the four of them work together to solve the mystery of the ghosts and the murder. “Domino Sleuth Club” is born. But their task may prove more difficult and dangerous than anyone could have imagined.

The Five-Day Dig
by Jennifer Malin

An invitation to translate inscriptions at a mysterious temple complex near Pompeii is a dream for classics prof Winnie Price — except the dig is for a cheesy TV show. Then there’s the issue that on her last trip to Italy, her father died there. But one look at the site’s evocative frescoes, and she can’t say no.

A spiritual cynic since losing her father, Winnie resists reading into the goddess symbols that keep popping up in her life. What concerns her more are a looter’s hole at the dig site and an unexplained collapse in the ruins. Then it turns out the referral letter that got her the gig was forged, and the prime suspect is her — or Chaz, her cocky teaching assistant.

Cuba Blue
by Robert W. Walker & Lyn Polkabla

When murder meets Cuba’s first female Lieutenant Detective, Qui Aguilera, she is faced with a triple homicide. Three dead medical personnel—two Americans and a Canadian female are fished from the Cuba Blue waters surrounding this tropical paradise. Who killed the visiting doctors and why has her captain, who wishes her to fail miserably, so anxious to turn this case over to Qui--if not to see her fail.

When the bodies are stolen from under the nose of Cuba’s most famous medical examiner, Arturo Benilo—the only man she trusts—all instinct tells the tenacious Cuban detective that there are far more rats lurking in the deep shadows of Old Havana than she imagined.

(a Jack Daniels / Alex Chapa mystery)
by J.A. Konrath & Henry Perez

When the latest in a series of dead bodies turns up in the Chicago River, newspaper reporter Alex Chapa and Police Lieutenant Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels reluctantly join forces.

Thriller writers J.A. Konrath and Henry Perez and their series' characters have teamed up to create Floaters, a mystery tale that combines humor with thrills. Included in this collection are Konrath's "Last Request" and Perez's "Familiar Places," as well as a conversation between the authors and excerpts from their novels: Konrath's Shot of Tequila and Perez's Killing Red.

Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons
by Vera Nazarian (& Jane Austen)

Young and naive Catherine Morland is constantly surrounded by angels only she alone can see. Leaving her country home for the first time, to embark on a grand adventure that begins in fashionable Bath, our romantic heroine must not only decrypt the mystery of the Udolpho Code but win her true love Henry Tilney.

Meanwhile she is beset by all the Gothic horrors known to Impressionable Young Ladies -- odious demons, Regency balls, elusive ghosts, pleasure excursions, temperature-changing nephilim, secret clues, ogre suitors, and a terrifying ancient Dragon who has very likely hidden a secret treasure hoard somewhere in the depths of Northanger Abbey.

Fresh Powder
by Susanne O'Leary

Lucy and Claire were once best friends but, after a row, they now haven't spoken in ten years. Imagine their shock when they are thrown together, not only in the same ski resort in the French Alps but in the same chalet. Then they are snowed in, together with two attractive men and a couple with relationship issues, which puts both their friendship and their survival skills to the test.

On My Daddy's Shoulders
by Peter Lawson

Every child loves a shoulder ride.
One little boy has his imagination brought to
life by riding on his Daddy’s shoulders.
Each of his adventures is inspired by the
excitement of the shoulder ride and the bond
of love and trust between father and son.

JoAnn & Vickie's Favorite Recipes
(a Gooseberry Patch Circle of Friends cookbook)
by Gooseberry Patch

From Jo Ann's Cowboy Cookies and Vickie's Tomato Pie to scrumptious Chicken Casserole Supreme and Comfort Corn Pudding, this new collection features 25 of Vickie and Jo Ann's most delicious recipes for sharing with family & friends!

Your Dream Wedding on a Budget
by Mindy Weiss & Lisbeth Levine

No one knows weddings like Mindy Weiss, the “mega-star wedding planner” (People magazine). In THE WEDDING BOOK: THE BIG BOOK FOR YOUR BIG DAY, she created the ultimate all-in-one guide; from that, she’s culled an invaluable mini-book on how to plan your very best wedding possible while adhering to a budget. This Workman Short includes a general wedding budget overview, guidelines to figure out who’s paying for what, the 10 best ways to cut costs, and dozens of tips that show how to save money on every aspect of your wedding.

(I got this book free from Barnes & Noble at the end of last month.)

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